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Dorper Sheep Grain Feeder

Beef Boss grain feeders and combination grain and hay feeders use pressed and MIG-welded pre-galvanised steel to ensure durable, weather resistant, internally-braced grain feeders that last for years.

Eliminate waste and keep grain feed clean with our range of single and double-sided grain feeders. Wheel assemblies for larger models. Skid mounted for easy transportation and correct feeding height.


Dorper Sheep Grain Feeder

Specially designed for sheep, the Dorper Sheep Grain Feeder delivers targeted feeding to your flock, ensuring feed conservation and minimal waste. This feeder is tailored to meet the dietary needs of sheep, providing a practical and efficient solution to feeding routines.

  • Available Sizes allowing you to choose the perfect size based on your flock’s requirements:
    • 2400 mm with an approx. capacity of 2000 kg
    • 3600 mm with an approx. capacity of 4000 kg
  • Double-Sided Feeding enhances feeding efficiency, catering to larger flocks by allowing sheep to access feed from both sides.
  • Trough Cleaning Ports ensure easy maintenance, allowing for the feeder to be kept clean with minimal effort, thereby promoting hygiene and health within the flock.
  • Trough Plug keeps feed dry and secure, preserving the quality of the grain.

The Dorper Sheep Grain Feeder is an indispensable asset for sheep farmers, designed to streamline the feeding process while ensuring that your sheep have access to clean, fresh feed at all times. Its thoughtful design and durable construction make it a reliable choice for any sheep farming operation.

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