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Crushes & Calf Cradles:

Customised Solutions for Every Herd

At Hans’ Beef Boss, our crushes are more than just equipment; they’re the cornerstone of efficient livestock management and animal welfare. Crafted with precision and care, our range of Brolga, Mulga, Ironbark Crushes, and the specialised Calf Cradle cater to herds of all sizes—from the smallest calf to the largest cattle. Each model is engineered to enhance safety, efficiency, and comfort for both livestock and operators, embodying our commitment to quality and the Australian agricultural tradition.

  • Brolga Crushes: Ideal for small herd applications, offering unparalleled safety and operational efficiency with features like a greasable headbale and squoval rail doors.
  • Mulga Crushes: Designed for medium-sized herds, these crushes balance robust construction with ease of use, featuring heavy-duty components and a full walk-through vet section.
  • Ironbark Crushes: The ultimate solution for large herd handling, providing unmatched strength, reliability, and a range of heavy-duty features to ensure maximum safety and control.
  • Calf Cradle: Specifically crafted for the optimal care and handling of calves, ensuring young livestock are managed with the utmost safety and comfort.

Each product in our crush range is meticulously designed to meet the unique demands of livestock management, ensuring you have the right tools for effective and humane animal handling. Discover the Beef Boss Crushes range and find the perfect fit for your farming needs.

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