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Cattle, Horse & Sheep Hay Feeders

Versatile Feeding Solutions for Diverse Needs

Beef Boss’ Hay Feeders are developed to cater to a wide range of feeding requirements, accommodating different hay bale sizes and livestock preferences. These feeders reflect Beef Boss’ understanding of the diverse conditions of Australian pastures and the nutritional needs of different livestock. Designed for durability and versatility, they are an essential element for efficient pasture management, ensuring that livestock have constant access to their forage in the most convenient manner.

Key Features:

  • Murray Grey Mesh Hay Feeder available in multiple dimensions to suit various herd sizes.
  • Heavy-duty options for round bales, catering to different herd feeding demands.
  • Roundbale Ring Feeders with either mesh or sheeted bottom options to prevent hay wastage.
  • Brumby Horse Hay Feeder, designed specifically for equine needs, available in multiple dimensions.


  • Optional lid for dry hay storage, keeping feed protected from weather elements.
  • Height options tailored for sheep or horse feeding requirements, ensuring the right fit for different animal sizes.
  • Wheel assembly for easy transportation, making the feeders mobile and versatile across different paddock setups.

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